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11 October, 2016

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A couple of weeks ago I went to beautiful Antwerp for such an inspiring event. It was going to be about ‘unlocking your inner beauty’, which sounds quite interesting, right? ;) And it was!
We always compare ourselves with others & we’re never satisfied. Everything should be better: your job, your relationship, your social network.. It’s never enough! The only thing you see is that beautiful lady with her boyfriend having the perfect relationship, an amazing house and such great friends. But hey.. What she thinks about you, is: ‘Wow I love how independent that girl is, she has the most amazing job and really does what she loves!’ Comparing, comparing..

Goedele Leyssens ​told us her own story about struggling with her life.. Actually I recognized a lot of her struggles since my life is quite hectic at the moment. For me and for now it’s quite hard to get this personal, but haven’t we all struggled with some things lately? Shouldn’t we all love ourselves some more? E​stée​ Lauder told us we should unlock our inner beauty! Because we’re all so beautiful!

It all starts with taking care of yourself, so during the event we learned how to make some super healthy and delicious green smoothies & desserts and we learned how to do a make-up touch up of 3 minutes with some amazing new ​Estée​ Lauder products.
Feeling more confident begins with good food & feeling/looking great, don’t you think? :)

Estée​ Lauder introduced her new product called ‘Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme‘ and we got the opportunity to try this cream. First I want to say: the smell is so good! It smells so soft and fresh, I really love it!
Together with their other products you can do an amazing touch up in less than 3 minutes and feel fresh again! I already had to travel a couple of hours before the event started, so the touch up was a perfect refresher for me :) It gave my face a soft glow and I felt great again, so also more confident.

So being happy on the outside reflects on being happy on the inside and visa versa.
I think we should all compare less and think a little more about how we can unlock the best in ourselves. So my question is:
How do you unlock the best in you?

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