4 July, 2015

Hooray it’s my birthday! Today I’m turning 26 and it kind of feels like I’m really getting old.
Okay, maybe this is something I say every year, but now I’m really going to the 30.. And for me 30 sounds like: getting married, having kids and so on. But hey, 4 more years to go haha. Definitely not ready for all of that..

My day started early today, had to pick up some delicious cakes, did some extra grocery shopping and then went to the house of my boyfriend’s parents. I’m gonna celebrate my birthday over there since it’s way too hot in my apartment.. It’s going to be like 38 degrees today and here in The Netherlands it means HOT. Hopefully in the garden it will be nice and for the kids I bought a small swimming pool, so hopefully my 1.85m fits in it haha ;)

For now I’m off to prepare a BBQ for tonight :)

Have a lovely day everyone! xo

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