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17 January, 2017

It’s been a while. There changed a lot in my life lately. Got an awesome new job, so I’m really busy at the moment.
But how great is it to feel cozy at home after those busy working days?!
I got myself some new prints & frames from Desenio (probably you all know this awesome webshop already) and wanted to show you the result.. And a great discount code! Use code ‘sietske25‘ to receive 25% off on every print! (code is valid till the 19th of January)
I’m still thinking of getting some more prints and I’m sure you’ll love them aswel! Happy shopping guys! ;)

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11 August, 2016
IMG_7347-1 (gesleept)

IMG_7352-1 (gesleept) blogNL

Oke, ik heb een gigantische zwak voor mooie flesjes en potjes. Bodylotion, homesprays, zeepjes, het maakt allemaal niet uit, als het er maar goed uit ziet. Ik heb dan ook een hele verzameling met vanalles en nog wat, maar nu heb ik mijn echte favoriet gevonden: de huisparfums & lichaamsverzorging van Marie Stella Maris.
Naast dat de buitenkant er super fijn uit ziet, is de geur nog beter. Deze luxe roomspray is serieus de fijnste homespray die ik tot nu toe heb gehad. Iedereen die hem ruikt is om! Waar het precies naar ruikt weet ik niet.. *zoekt het even op*
‘Een sprankelende geur van witte thee, met citrustonen van bergamot en citroen’. Je moet ‘m gewoon ruiken, heerlijk! Ook de geurkaars verspreid de geur perfect door mijn fijne huisje, yes, ik ben fan!

Nieuwsgierig? Je vindt de items hier


Okay, I’ve got a weakness for beautiful looking bodylotions, homesprays, soaps etc. I buy everything if it looks great ;)
And yes, now I definitely found my favoriet good looking roomspray and soap: the ones from Marie Stella Maris.. They smell like heaven!
The Luxe Roomspray is seriously the best roomspray I’ve ever had (and I had a lot of them already). ‘A clean fresh aroma of white tea with citrus accords of bergamot and lemon’. You should try it, it’s amazing! Also the scented candle is such a great one! Yep, Marie Stella Maris got a new fan!

Curious? Find the items here



14 June, 2016

home copyIMG_6315home6IMG_6330 IMG_6348 bedroom


Welkom in mijn nieuwe huisje! :)
Zoals je weet ben ik afgelopen maand verhuisd naar een nieuwe appartement in Maastricht. Heb flink wat nieuwe meubels moeten kopen & het is nog steeds niet helemaal af, maar ik vind het nu gezellig genoeg om het te showen ;)
De woonkamer is zo goed als klaar, ben alleen van plan om binnenkort een mooie foto/schilderij te kopen voor aan de muur. Verder is de slaapkamer nog ‘lang’ niet af. Heb er nu maar even een slinger opgehangen om het wat gezelliger te maken, maar die gaat weg ;) Ook hier wil ik een tof schilderij op gaan hangen. Verder wordt de lamp nog vervangen voor een lamp die ik al een tijdje wil (maar moet eerst even sparen). Dan nog wat extra planten overal en dan is mijn stulpje helemaal af!
Ben benieuwd wat je er tot nu toe van vind :)


Welcome to my new home! :)
As you all know I moved to another apartment last month. Had to purchase a lot of new stuff & I still have to, but this is how it looks right now. I think it’s already cozy enough to show you ;)
The livingroom is almost finished, only need to buy some wall art. The bedroom is under construction ;) The garland is just a temporary thing & I’m going to buy a new lamp. Some extra plants all over the place and then I think it’s finished! Hope you like it!

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29 May, 2016

Good-Sunday-morning guys!
How’s your weekend? Mine is kind of boring since I had to work yesterday and have to work today aswel. The good thing is that I’m going to have dinner with friends & celebrating the weekend with some wine after work so it’s all fine ;)
You all know I moved to another apartment a few weeks ago & I’m still working on the interior. Got a lot of new amazing furniture & now I’m looking for some decoration. A little more patience till it’s totally finished! Maybe I’m going to show you some details of my new home next week, just checking if it’s worth showing ;)
For now this Sunday’s Wishlist with interior pieces and fashion stuff.
Got yourself a favorite?

1. Vita EOS feather lamp. Definitely want this beauty for my bedroom.
2. H&M Trend sequin bomber jack. White sequins and bombers, do I need to say more?
3. & Other Stories ‘Enjoy’ necklace. How cute is this piece!
4. Fellow Designers ‘The Ghost’ poster. Would love to have this poster hanging in my bedroom.
5. IKEA carpet. Thinking about buying this piece for in the bedroom aswel ;)
6. Puma x Rihanna white creepers. These white leather ones are from her newest collection.
7. Bertoia Diamond Chair. The perfect designers chair.
8. Puik ART salt & peppermill. Found these cuties at a warehouse last week.
9. And last: I want a tattoo! Actually I want one for years now but really don’t know what kind of art I want on my body. Looking for a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and really love this art :) Don’t like the place though.. And just want something else. Hmm okay, probably it’s not going to happen at all haha.



9 January, 2016

Okay, I’m totally into summer fashion at the moment, because of my holiday trip to Thailand next month. I know, it’s still Winter and I’m in the sun for only three weeks, but I love to shop for those kind of Summer holidays.
While looking for some nice tops & shorts I came across the H&M webshop and also wanted to check the Home collection. The Home collection is something that I forget to check quite often, really don’t know why, because I always find so many lovely pieces. Especially this time I fell in love with so many things..

1. BEETLE PLATE / €3.99
How good? Would love to have a couple of them

Can I have this one in combination with number 3?

Okay, I don’t have to put water in it. Just using it as decoration, no problem!

This one is already in my online shopping bag! Fits perfect with our interior & it’s just wonderful!

5. SCENTED CANDLE / €14.99
Because the package already looks so cute. More and more green in the house please.

In the online shopping bag aswel, yes please!

7. JUTE RUG / €29.99
Actually I already have a kind of ‘straw’ rug, so this one is more for you guys ;) Something nice to buy for your interior?

And another scented candle. Cute green in a cute jar.